The Best Things To Do In Gatlinburg in March

Gatlinburg is a beautiful area acting as a gateway to the smooth and undulating Smoky Mountains. It is always hustling and bustling with people who flock to see the Smoky Mountains, especially in the holiday season.

As March rolls in, the crowd of people lessens temporarily before increasing again in the peak spring season. Since there are fewer people in Gatlinburg in March, the waiting time for activities is shorter, and you have an unencumbered view of all the gorgeous sights.

So begin by making plans to spend some time in Gatlinburg in March. Use the article to guide yourself toward the best things to do in Gatlinburg in March!

Best physical activities to do in Gatlinburg in March



Since Gatlinburg is present at a high altitude, it tends to experience inclement weather conditions, especially in peak winters, where temperatures can drop exceedingly low.

March is a suitable month for visiting Gatlinburg because you can detect the winter chill and simultaneously experience the freshness and bloom of spring.

These conditions favor hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, where you can also glimpse the spring flora and fauna.

The Little River Trail and Porters Creek Trail afford some of the best views of wildflowers in bloom during March.

Other ideal hiking sites to visit in Gatlinburg in March are the Alum Cave Trail, the Laurel Falls Trail, and Andrews Bald, where you can spot black bears and deer with white tails on warmer days.

Gatlinburg Sky Lift Park

gatlinburg sky lift park
Image: Steve Harwood

One of the most pleasing outdoor appeals in Gatlinburg in March is the Gatlinburg Sky Lift Park which continues to expand every year, incorporating more exhilarating activities for people to try.

At the Sky lift Park, you begin your day with a breathtaking ride to the top of Crockett Mountain on the Gatlinburg Sky Lift. Here you can take in the beauty of the view while sitting on the Sky Deck or shop around and eat something yummy in the Sky Center.

If you are not feeling peckish, you can walk across the Sky Bridge and bask in the glory of nature. Be prepared for the all-new Gatlinburg Sky Trail, which will launch in spring.

After its opening, you can hike up to Tulip Towers and take in the sweeping views of the Smoky Mountains.


Image: Lindsay Hamm

Another one of the activities to do in Gatlinburg in March that should be on your radar is to scour Anakeesta. This thrilling mountaintop attraction offers multiple outdoor adventures to stimulate the whole family.

The fire pit is an excellent way for the family to huddle together and warm up during cool March temperatures. Simultaneously, the fire pit provides vast views of Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains wherever you turn your head.

You can also undertake the adventure of climbing up to the top of the Ana Vista Tower, famous as the highest point in downtown Gatlinburg. If you feel particularly audacious, you can also engage in zip lining, which will surely be a life-changing experience.

Otherwise, you can shop around, ride a mountain coaster, or take a stroll across the Treetop Skywalk. The perfect end to your stay at Anakeesta will be a delectable dinner at the Cliff Top restaurant, which also gives you mesmerizing views of Mount Le Conte.

Play Mini Golf

play mini golf

Hillbilly Golf is a favorite spot for people in Gatlinburg, both locals and tourists alike. It is the perfect place to enjoy mini golf in Gatlinburg in March.

People advise ascending to the top of the mountain by riding the incline for an extraordinary mini golf experience.

Hillbilly Golf retains two competitive 18-hole golf courses full of unique obstacles surrounding the mountain theme. This is highly stimulating for the players, and people of all ages thoroughly enjoy this game, making it one of the most appealing activities in Gatlinburg in March.



When visiting Gatlinburg in March, there is nothing better than staying in a gorgeous cabin where you can be close to the unfiltered beauty of nature.

Browse through a diverse selection of cabins in Gatlinburg of different sizes, ranging from small ones having one bedroom to large ones with several rooms.

Additionally, you can also choose whether you prefer a cabin that is obscure enough to guarantee privacy or one that is only a stone’s throw from downtown Gatlinburg. You can also select the precise facilities you want in your cabin to make your stay memorable.

Feel free to opt for state-of-the-art hot tubs, fireplaces, game rooms, and home theaters. Cabins with indoor pools are also up for grabs, so you can go for a swim even in March!

Waterfall Chasing

waterfall chasing

Once the harsh and freezing winter season is over, you will find that Gatlinburg in March is mesmerizing to the eyes.

After the winter snow plows and the rains pass through Gatlinburg, you will witness the fascinating beauty of waterfalls in the Smokies.

Often tourists visiting Gatlinburg in the summer months are unable to experience the simple wonder of waterfalls and cascades that flow along the roadsides on rainy days.

The magic of the rainfall in enhancing the biodiversity and beauty of the southern Appalachians exists during the spring months like March, making this the ideal time to visit Gatlinburg.

Other Popular Activities in Gatlinburg in March

Moonshine Tasting

Visitors to the Smoky Mountains are particularly fond of Moonshine tasting. Be sure to taste the most delectable liquor in Tennessee when you visit Gatlinburg in March!

The best places to sample Moonshine include Ole Smoky Moonshine Holler and Sugarlands Distilling Company. Both joints provide tasting for Moonshine for only $5, and you can use that $5 to buy any item from their distillery as a souvenir.

The flavors of Moonshine that people favor the most at Ole Smoky are Apple Pie, White Lightnin’, Mountain Java, and Moonshine Pickles.

The most prevalent flavors at Sugarlands Distilling Company are Mark Rogers American Peach, Mark & Digger’s Hazelnut Rum, Banana Pudding Sippin’ Cream, and Chipper Jones’ Sweet Tea.

These beverages are as yummy as they sound and will surely leave you wanting more. Hence fear not if you find yourself reluctant to leave without first buying a jar to bring with you!

Dining at Famous Restaurants

dining at famous restaurants
Image: Thomas Hawk

Gatlinburg in March is perfect for those who prefer lesser crowds and the chance to enjoy activities without having to wait or deal with the chaos of large crowds.

Gatlinburg faces fewer people in March than in April through December, allowing you to take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy dining at famous restaurants without waiting too long!

Indulge in a hearty breakfast with your family at the Pancake Pantry, have a delectable lunch at No Way Jose’s, and finish with a grand dinner at The Peddler without having to stall for hours!

Other renowned Gatlinburg restaurants are Cherokee Grill, Loco Burro, The Park Grill, Alamo Steakhouse, and Crockett’s Breakfast Camp.

Live Music

live music

For those who love music, Ole Red provides an unforgettable experience. Listening to talented artists sing live at Ole Red is another well-known activity people look forward to in Gatlinburg in March.

This restaurant serves excellent food and ambiance while featuring new and skilled artists that entertain guests with live music. Hence, it is a perfect joint for those who are connoisseurs of food and have a deep appreciation for art and music.

Almost every day, the restaurant features some new artists, so you do not want to skip out on attending some amazing performances. You can feast on southern delicacies or enjoy a cocktail while you indulge in the music.


Image: Todd Van Hoosear

Dollywood is an essential part of the list of activities in Gatlinburg in March. For most tourists, one of the most anticipated activities in the Smoky Mountains is going to Dollywood.

This theme park is present a short ride away from Gatlinburg hotel. It takes hardly 15 minutes to reach Dollywood by car. Every year, Dollywood remains closed during the harsh winter season and reopens in the spring, spurring people to rush to the Smokies in March!

It features many activities, from heart-stopping rides to great shows, thus promising loads of fun for the whole family!

Moreover, many people believe that Dollywood is the friendliest theme park in the world. Each ride is big enough to accommodate several people allowing you to bond.

Hence if you are attending the park in a group smaller than six, you will most likely share a boat with other talkative and friendly park-goers. Do not be surprised if random strangers engage in friendly banter with each other, or joke about who will get the most soaking in the ride.

Best Events in Gatlinburg in March

Easter Crafts Show

The Gatlinburg Arts and Crafts Community takes great pride in hosting this event. It is the first craft show of the year, showcasing the talent of skilled artists in the Smoky Mountains.

The event provides an opportunity for artisan members of the community to display the handmade items they create during the winter months at the Gatlinburg Convention Center.

This exhibit of impressive art projects is free for the public. It highlights local art projects and handicraft work from all over the USA. Hence this is an essential event for you to visit in Gatlinburg in March, especially if you carry an artistic flair.

The unique handicraft items on display at the Convention Center are also available for sale, so you can buy them as gifts for people back home.

Mountain Quilt Fest

mountain quilt fest
Image: Bryan Price

The Smoky Mountain Quilt fest happens in Le Conte Center in Pigeon Forge and is a famous yearly event showcasing gorgeous handmade quilts.

This festival offers an insight into Appalachian culture and art. This festival lasts for five days in which Quilters from different places gather together at the LeConte Center. They attend classes based on using various skills and quilting techniques.

Once the classes are over, the Quilters can opt for a category to submit the quilt they create, after which the management hosts a quilt show displaying the beautiful handmade quilts of the participants for the public’s pleasure. The winners receive prizes for their hard work.

Dollywood’s Opening Day

dollywood's opening day
Image: C. E. Beavers

Perhaps this is the most awaited event in Gatlinburg in March because Dollywood is a theme park catering to people of all ages.

Typically March 16 is Dollywood’s opening day which marks the starting of another season of bringing joy and entertainment to people in the Smoky Mountains.

The opening day features lots of celebratory activities like new shows and performances. The Festival of Nations introduces international music from different cultures. You get to witness the diversity of music in African, Latin Celtic, and Caribbean traditions.

St. Patrick’s Day

Gatlinburg has declared the celebration of the first Gatlinburg St. Patrick’s Day. The city has decided to feature this event as a tribute to Irish culture and has promised to celebrate Irish culture and traditions.

Smoky Mountain Tunes and Tales will play Irish songs and jigs for the public in downtown Gatlinburg as long as the celebration lasts.

The city has also promised a professional bagpiper to create all kinds of music. Many local restaurants will serve food inspired by Irish cuisine, giving the tourists and locals an insight into Irish culture.

The event will conclude after a few days with a display of bright and colorful fireworks at the Gatlinburg Space Needle.

Things to do in Gatlinburg in March – Conclusion

There are so many activities to do in Gatlinburg in March. Hence choosing to go to the Smokies in March is a much more pleasing alternative than undertaking an expensive trip to an overcrowded beach.

It is better not to take chances going to the beach in March when you can experience cold weather stopping you from going into the water when you can witness the magnificence of the Smoky Mountains regardless of the weather.

Every season in the Smokies possesses unique characteristics making the mountains unforgettable. Therefore, whether you hope to witness the transition from winter to spring in the Smokies or just want to engage in fun and frolics during your vacation, staying in Gatlinburg in March is a perfect idea!