Is Sevierville A Dry County?

Is Sevierville A Dry County? While the technical answer to this question is a yes, though the laws governing the sale and consumption in Sevier County and its three municipalities are not quite that simple.

As a county highly dependent on its tourism industry, the cities of the region have developed their own ordinances regarding the sale of alcohol, and adult beverages are widely available within Sevier County despite being dry.

What Are the Alcohol Laws in Sevier County, TN?

alcohol laws in sevier

According to State Law, Sevier County is a dry county. And for the unincorporated regions of the district, the sale of alcohol is prohibited.

However, these same laws do not dictate the sale of beer or wine, and both are permitted to be sold in packages from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm, Monday through Saturday. Meanwhile, on-premises service of beer and wine is also allowed Monday through Saturday, from 6:00 am to midnight.

While these are the state laws establishing the default hours of operations and permissions for the sale of alcohol in unincorporated regions of Sevier County, the existing laws currently enacted in each area may differ.

So, while Sevier County is technically considered dry, the allowance of selling beer and wine does allow for some tolerance within the unincorporated areas of the district. But regulations have become even more lenient within the county’s cities.

Home to Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg, the cities of Sevier County are highly dependent on their tourist industry.

And since the average tourist will often partake in acts of casual drinking throughout their holiday, most of the cities in the region have passed their own ordinances regarding the sale of alcohol within their incorporated district.

With regulations differing between the three cities, understanding each city’s laws regarding what is permitted to be sold is essential to deciding which destination to visit when staying in the county.

Can Alcohol Be Purchased in Sevierville?

alcohol be purchased in sevierville

Sevierville has the strictest alcohol regulations when it comes to Sevier County’s three cities. However, there are still some leniencies within the community compared to unincorporated areas.

For starters, Sevierville does not permit the sale of any package of alcohol at all and is even more strict in this regard than the state law, which allows their sale Monday through Saturday.

Where Sevierville does allow for some indulgence is in the confines of a local restaurant. City ordinance allows for the on-premise service of beer, wine, and spirits.

Unfortunately, no take-home purchases of alcohol are allowed in Sevierville. Those who want to enjoy adult beverages within the comforts of their accommodation need to look at the nearby communities of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg for that kind of availability.

Can alcohol Be purchased in Pigeon Forge?

alcohol be purchased in pigeon forge

Like Sevierville, Pigeon Forge allows for the service of liquor by the drink and beer sales at local restaurants and on-premise services.

However, Pigeon Forge also allows the sale of packaged beer with an alcohol content level of 6.2% or lower. These packaged drinks can be bought from several retailers throughout the city, including restaurants, gas stations, grocers, and major rest stops.

The only thing that Pigeon Forge does not permit is the packaged sale of hard liquors. So for those higher content level beverages, visitors must first travel to Gatlinburg.

Can Alcohol Be Purchased in Gatlinburg?

alcohol be purchased in gatlinburg

Gatlinburg offers visitors to Sevier County the most significant access to alcoholic beverages out of the region’s three cities. Like Sevierville and Pigeon Foot, Gatlinburg allows restaurants to serve guests liquor by drink, beer, and wine.

However, the city’s greatest contribution to the region’s local nightlife is its availability of packaged liquor sales. Gatlinburg is the only city in Sevier County that allows for the sale of package beer, wine, and hard liquors for visitors to bring home and enjoy from their cabin or hotel room.

The Gatlinburg Package Store is the most convenient location for tourists staying in Sevierville and Pigeon Foot to make their alcohol purchases. The store offers one of the largest selections of imported and domestic beers, wines, and liquors in the entire county.

Is Sevierville A Dry County? – Conclusion

So, is Sevierville a dry county? According to state law, Sevier County is technically dry but does allow for the general sale of beers and wines and permits its incorporated cities to enact their own ordinances.

For this reason, while the county is considered dry, the sale of alcohol is readily accessible in many regions, and visitors to Sevierville, Pigeon Foot, and Gatlinburg should have no problem acquiring adult beverages.