When Does Pigeon Forge Decorate For Christmas?

The Christmas season is a special time in Pigeon Forge. The season comes during winter, but the weather doesn’t stop Pigeon Forge from turning into a winter wonderland.

During this period, visitors flock to the Smoky Mountains to participate in traditional holiday activities. But when does Pigeon Forge decorate for Christmas?

When Does Pigeon Forge Decorate for Christmas?

pigeon forge decorate for christmas
Image: Olin Gilbert

Winterfest Decorations in Pigeon Forge occur from early November to late February. Most of the decorations start before Veterans Day on November 11th, adorning the Smokies region with millions of Christmas lights.

The 2022-2023 Winterfest in Pigeon Forge will occur from November 13th, 2022, to February 19th, 2023. The festival will feature five million glowing Christmas lights to celebrate the season.

Visitors and locals enjoy tons of Winterfest activities near the town and the entire Smoky Mountains region. Ensure you’re in Pigeon Forge during the Winterfest Kickoff event to witness the ceremonial lighting of Christmas lights.

Where Can I See Christmas Lights in Pigeon Forge, TN?

christmas lights in pigeon forge
Image: Neil Williamson

With millions of twinkling Christmas lights that set Pigeon Forge aglow, you can rest assured to see them when driving along the main parkway.

You can also go on the Winterfest Driving Tour of Lights. Pick up a map from the Pigeon Forge Welcome Center or Trolley Office and go on a self-guided tour.

Alternatively, purchase a ticket at the Pigeon Forge Trolley Station and go for the Trolley Ride of Lights. Remember to bring a camera to capture souvenir pictures of giant Christmas trees, glowing Smoky Mountain critters, a snowflake lane, and patriotic displays.

Below are great places to view Christmas lights in Pigeon Forge.

What Is Pigeon Forge Like at Christmas Time?

pigeon forge at christmas time
Image: Judy Baxter

Pigeon Forge at Christmas time is busy and colorful. While the Christmas season falls during winter, the temperate climate allows locals and visitors to enjoy various Winterfest activities.

Millions of Christmas lights shine and twinkle, making the Smoky Mountains a winter wonderland.

Pigeon Forge during Christmas is your best bet if you’re interested in holiday shows, music, shopping, food, and rides. Some of the best Christmas activities to try include:

  • Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas
  • Christmas at the TITANIC
  • Christmas at Crave Golf
  • Christmas Show at Country Tonite
  • Christmas shopping at The Island in Pigeon Forge

How Long Is Dollywood Decorated for Christmas?

dollywood decorated for christmas
Image: Chanter52

Dollywood is decorated for Christmas from November 10th to January 5th. Visitors to Dollywood have an opportunity to see over four million Christmas lights aglow at this vast park.

During the Christmas season, visitors can explore Dollywood every day apart from Mondays and Tuesdays.

When planning your visit to Dollywood, check the Dollywood’s operating schedule to learn when the park is running.

Dollywood offers plenty of family-friendly activities during the Christmas season. You can ride the Dollywood Express, Thunderhead, and Wild Eagle to enjoy views of these great lights.

You can also attend music performances, Christmas shows, and delicious dinners.

Do You Have To Pay To See the Christmas Lights at Dollywood?

Dollywood charges parking and admission costs. Once you’ve paid the initial costs at the entrance, you can see their Christmas lights, attend all shows and enjoy your favorite rides. There are over four million lights spread across the park.


Pigeon Forge, TN, can be your favorite destination if you plan a family vacation during Christmas. The town has moderate temperatures, making it suitable to enjoy Winterfest activities.

Visit Pigeon Forge from early November to late February to view millions of Christmas lights and explore family-friendly attractions.