When Is The Car Show In Pigeon Forge, TN?

Car enthusiasts flock to Pigeon Forge in summer and spring to witness classic cars, trucks, jeeps, hot rods, and more. During this period, the town receives thousands of spectators and hundreds of rare autos in different annual car shows.

Pigeon Forge is an ideal destination if you love unique cars, swapping meet items, or asking automobile questions. But when is the car show in Pigeon Forge?

When Does Pigeon Forge Hold Car Shows?

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Pigeon Forge car shows take place in the spring and summer months. There are several car shows held from late March to early September.

Car owners compete for cash rewards, merchandise from sponsors, dash plaques, garage signs, and winners’ decals.

The most popular car shows held annually in Pigeon Forge include Spring Rod Run, Fall Rod Run, and Shades of the Past.

Below are various 2022 car shows in Pigeon Forge, TN.

To participate in a particular car event, you should follow entry criteria. Visit the official website to learn about the entry requirements of your favorite show.

Where Is the Car Show in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee?

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Various car shows are held in different locations in Pigeon Forge. The common location for most shows is The LeConte Center, situated at 2986 Teaster Lane. The LeConte Center is a large event center with over 232,000 square of space for holding events in Pigeon Forge throughout the year. There’s plenty of free parking and easy access to shops, restaurants, and attractions.

Other locations for holding car shows include Dollywood’s Splash Country, Mainstay Suites Conference Centre, and The Inn at Christmas Place.

Most spectators sit on hotel balconies, sidewalks, and parking lots along the parkway with fold-up chairs to see the cars. Ensure to speak to car owners and carry a camera to take photos of their unique cars.

Where Is the Rod Run in Pigeon Forge?

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The Rod Run show is Pigeon Forge’s most prominent car event in spring and fall at the LeConte Centre. The Spring Rod Run is an incredible 3-day event that hosts hundreds of classic cars, a swap meet, and a car corral.

The event features awards such as a cash reward of about $10,000, Top 25 Awards, and the Ultimate 5 Awards.

How Many People Go to Pigeon Forge Rod Run?

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Rod Run events in Pigeon Forge attract 125,000 car enthusiasts to watch classic cars in the LeConte Centre. This popular car show takes place twice annually – Spring Rod Run in the spring and Fall Rod Run in the fall. The shows attract thousands of car enthusiasts, classic cars, muscle cars, and hot rod owners.

The three-day car event sees a lot of crowds along the parkway, especially on weekends. You’ll also find heavy crowds in the town as automobile enthusiasts explore various stores, restaurants, and bars.

When Is The Car Show In Pigeon Forge? – Conclusion

Car shows are significant events in Pigeon Forge, attracting thousands of cars and car enthusiasts annually. These car shows occur in summer, fall, and spring.

The popular shows include Spring Rod Run, Fall Rod Run, and Shades of the Pas. Look at the official website of your favorite car show to know the exact date and entry requirements.

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