The 5 Best Bars in Pigeon Forge

Bar recommendations tend to be a personal thing. Whether they suit anyone else or not depends on an endless list of factors. Add in the fact that you are on vacation and it’s no wonder that people on holiday have different ideas about the best bars.

Actually, there’s nothing to worry about with any of the bars in Pigeon Forge. In fact, the majority of the bars are simply restaurants serving beer as well. The focus may be more on either the food or the liquor, depending on the establishment and any particular theme that they might have going on.

So as it’s rather a challenge to rank the best bars in Pigeon Forge, we’re going to present a sample of what’s on offer instead and let you decide for yourself.

There is plenty of variety when it comes to bars in Pigeon Forge. From quiet and relaxing places with scenic views to biker dive bars and rowdy, southern-style goings-on with live music—it’s all here in the various bars in Pigeon Forge.

There is something for everyone in the best bars in Pigeon Forge. Let’s take a closer look at five of them.

pigeon forge
Image: Brent Moore

Best Bars in Pigeon Forge To Visit

  1. The Casual Pint
  2. Dude’s Daiquiris
  3. Iron Boar Saloon
  4. Smoky Mountain Brewery
  5. Yee-Haw Brewing Co.

1. The Casual Pint

the casual pint
Image: Brian Stansberry

The Casual Pint is a community and neighborhood craft beer spot located inside the Holiday Inn & Suites. This is a beer lover’s hangout that offers a broad selection of the best local craft beers.

If you are the type to be more than a little concerned about the limited available beer options in one of the regular, high-street bars then check out what is possibly the best beer selection in Pigeon Forge.

This is a beer connoisseurs bar as one glance at the MENU will demonstrate and the food options are not half bad either.

Customers will happily socialize here over a pint or two and they have the option of taking home their favorite beverages or food to go.

The Casual Pint presents some great craft beers in a casual and friendly environment. The bartenders know their stuff and are as passionate about the beers as the patrons.

This community staple is located in the Holiday Inn & Suites. You’ll find the best selections of regional, national, and local beers every day of the week here with the busiest times being on Friday and Saturday.

Try the pizza and beer combo and look out for daily happy hour beer and food specials.

2. Dude’s Daiquiris

dude’s daiquiris
Image: Sam

If you find yourself up at the popular Pigeon Forge haunt ‘The Island’ why not stop off for a spot of refreshment by way of a Daiquiri?

Dude’s serves frozen Daiquiris that’ll have you thinking you have found your Island Oasis in the Smokies. Dude’s Daiquiris has a wide range of interestingly and exotically-flavored frozen refreshment with a bite.

If you fancy a milkshake with a little bit of a kick, check out the Chocolate Monkey Daiquiri—a popular menu item featuring banana liqueur and chocolate ice cream.

This is just a sample of the many daiquiri flavors the shop has on offer to help you cool down on a hot summer’s day.

If that’s not entirely your thing Dude’s also serves a range of local and international craft beers. Relax on the patio after a day’s hiking along the strip in Pigeon Forge. You’ll also find seasonal live music hosted on the Island’s stage just across the courtyard.

This is a great place to stop off for an hour or two after checking out some of the other attractions in and around The Island.

3. Iron Boar Saloon

iron boar saloon
Image: Orin Zebest

If you are into anything with a touch of the dive bar or even the biker bar to it, this place will make you feel right at home.

The bar is often listed as the best biker bar in town—and it may well be—it is certainly close to the Smoky Mountains Harley Davidson store.

But it’s not exactly the kind of dark and scary haunt where you may be likely to get the odd ax or two thrown at your head upon entering. What you will get here is cold beer and some decent live music, as well as bar food like a side of buffalo wings or a fresh grilled burger..

The Iron Boar features its own special brew, the Iron Boar Lager, and the biker-friendly vibe means that riders from all over can fit right in here.

The bar actually is more along the lines of a tourist-friendly version of a biker bar, but it offers everything you need whether you are a local or just passing through—especially on two wheels.

4. Smoky Mountain Brewery

smoky mountain brewery
Image: David Limon

The Smoky Mountain Brewery is not so much a bar as an entire brewery with a tap house from which to sample some of the facility’s best wares.

Once inside, you’ll be pleased to find a state of the art microbrewery that provides the perfect escape from the other goings-on. The

The brewery is also one of the few places open late in the Smoky Mountains if you fancy stretching things out a little bit once you’ve gotten a taste for their brews.

You can see the brewery process through a glass wall from the tap room where you can sample an extensive selection of freshly-brewed local beers with names you’d expect of Smoky Mountains brands such as Cherokee Red and Appalachian Pale.

Image: Shannon Smith

There’s also a selection of food that covers bar snacks and appetizers as well as barbecue and Italian options.

With more than 20 TV’s and nightly entertainment, this is one of the most popular bars in pigeon Forge and the Smokies.

You can find the brewery located on the back corner of the Shops at Walden’s Landing off the main strip.

5. Yee-Haw Brewing Co.

yee-haw brewing co
Image: Thomas Cizauskas

Yee-Haw Brewing Co. is a fun and modern take on the Tennessee saloon with beers made from high-quality ingredients. The company started in 2015 in Tennessee’s Johnson City, brewing beer in an 1800’s railroad depot.

As the brewery expanded the beer became popular in other areas throughout Tennessee, so this is the second location for the brand to showcase its commitment to beers made with high quality ingredients.

The bar is another Pigeon Forge drinking option located at The Island, which makes it an ideal stop-off after checking out some of the other shops and attractions.

Yee-Haw initially launched with four flagship brews by way of a Pilsner, a Pale Ale, an Eighty Shilling Scottish Ale and a Dunkel dark lager.

These are always available along with various limited edition specialty brews including seasonal offerings like the specialty bourbon-barrel-aged beers.