The 8 Best Places for Mini Golf in Gatlinburg, TN

Looking to hit some mini greens while you enjoy time in the heart of Tennessee? The whole family will love these fun, entertaining, and uniquely designed best mini golf in Gatlinburg adventures.

Grab some sunscreen and water and head on to these themed locations for an afternoon of fun.

Best Mini Golf in Gatlinburg, TN

The best mini golf in Gatlinburg will keep the family entertained for hours. Scroll through the list to find the right fit(s) for you, based on theme or vibe, and enjoy!

  1. Gatlin’s Mini Golf & Blacklight Golf
  2. Ripley’s Davy Crockett Mini Golf
  3. Hillbilly Golf
  4. Ripley’s Old McDonald’s Minigolf
  5. Treasure Quest Golf
  6. Crave Golf Club
  7. Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf
  8. Circus Golf

Grab a Club and Get a Putting

Each of the minigolf locations has its own unique take on the game, so check out the details to find the best mini golf in Gatlinburg for your family’s idea of fun.

1. Gatlin’s Minigolf & Blacklight Golf

gatlin’s minigolf

Gatlin’s Minigolf has two fun iterations of minigolf. First, the standard 18-hole Old Town Square course features fun daytime minigolf trick shots among the restored historical cabins on location.

As you play the game, you’ll learn the history of the unique mountain town, and play your way through the Grist Mill, Primitive Baptist Church, Gatlinburg Jail, and the Pi Beta Phi settlement school.

For indoor fun, don your neon shorts and white t-shirts to enjoy the thrill of blacklight minigolf. Make your way through the under-the-sea adventure zone with tropical fish, dolphins, octopus, sunken treasure ship, and maybe even the elusive mermaid.

2. Ripley’s Davy Crockett Mini Golf

Another fun dive into the history of the region is the Davy Crockett mini golf from Ripley’s.

The Great Smoky Mountains were once home to some of America’s most famous mountain men, explorers, and adventurers, and this themed mini golf course is happy to help relate hints of the frontiersman’s tales through fun images and artifacts.

The course is named for the famed frontiersman, politician, congressman, and soldier, Davy Crockett (once featured in old Disney classic films).

The avid storyteller lived many a lifetime through both his real life and fictitious adventures in the hills of Tennessee, earning him folk hero titles and legendary status.

So, if the theme of mountain men, history, and wild adventures appeals, come on over for a day of fun. The mini golf course features barn animals, waterfalls, trees, bridges, and much more, making it fun for all ages.

3. Hillbilly Golf

hillbilly golf

Hillbilly Golf is a unique mountainside mini golf option that promises plenty of fun and new experiences. The course starts at the top, with a funicular (mountainside cable-driven train) to get you up there to start the game.

The two challenging 18-hole mini golf courses are one of the most well-known in the area and entertains the hillbilly theme with outhouses, moonshine stills, and bearded characters planted around the course.

The golf courses are some of Gatlinburg’s oldest and most fun attractions and make for a great afternoon with kids of any age.

4. Ripley’s Old McDonald’s Mini Golf

ripley’s old mcdonald’s mini golf

Another fun mini golf course from Ripley’s, Old McDonald’s Farm is a whole new adventure.

The location offers 54 holes of family-friendly, farm-themed mini golf courses, with barnyard characters, water features, farmyard hazards, and interactive elements at nearly every hole.

5. Treasure Quest Golf

A championship 18-hole mini golf course in Gatlinburg is the Treasure Quest Golf course. This one’s an indoor course for all-weather play, making it the perfect spot for super hot days, rainy days, snowy days, or any other day.

The indoor course provides you with some amazing views of the region and plenty of engaging themes at the holes.

There are even five blacklight holes throughout, plus an ancient jungle temple for some “international” fun.

6. Crave Golf Club

crave golf club
Image: Crave Golf

For those with a sweet tooth, Crave Golf Club is your place to be. The club is candy-themed with both indoor and outdoor course options.

Each hole features a Spin Zone table at the beginning of the hole. You spin the disk before teeing off and follow the directions for your turn.

As the spinner lands on items, you mark them down and collect items along the way. If you land on 19 candies or ice creams, you’ll get a prize at the end of the game at the concession stand.

Here there’s also a rooftop golf course with a candy-colored sweets train that comes out of the building and a giant golf ball.

Plus, of course, there’s a fun candy store and soft-serve ice cream available at concessions. You can even go mini-bowling while here or try out one of the Escape Rooms in a 60-minute adventure.

7. Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf

professor hacker’s lost treasure golf
Image: Lost Treasure Golf

Live out the adventures of Professor Hacker the explorer, archeologist, paleontologist, anthropologist, and part-time taxidermist from the University of Chicago.

In Gatlinburg, you’ll make your way through the famed treasure hunt for secret gold and hidden diamond mines, rumored to be off the coast of South America. Find the German mine train built during World War One and ride to the top of the mountain to start the game.

Play your way through the expedition with pirate ships, an ancient jungle temple, volcanoes, waterfalls, caves, and more as you search for lost treasure.

8. Circus Golf

circus golf

Circus Golf has loads to offer for a mini golf adventure, with special effects and blacklight for the golfing game through 18 holes.

There’s also the amazing Mirror Maze and Shoot ‘Em Up Cinema for a 3D experience with fog, water spray, lightning flashes, and a mechanical horse ride and target shooting during the “7D” movie.

Try for the best score in any of the games and have a blast with the whole family as you compete.