Is Gatlinburg a Dry County?

In a location filled with tourist traps, some folks might not think to ask about it, but in some parts of the country, there are still dry counties. So, before you head to Pigeon Forge, Sevierville, and Gatlinburg to enjoy some good fun, you might want to know, is Gatlinburg a dry county?

Straight up, Gatlinburg Tennessee is technically in a dry county. But there is a city option for the sale and service of beer and liquor at restaurants and stores. Sevierville does not offer package liquor sales, but Pigeon Forge allows some sales at rest stops, gas stations, and grocers.

Gatlinburg has a package store (and other stores that sell alcohol) and restaurants may serve liquor and beer.


Let’s find out more about this topic before you hit the theme parks, zoos, and other attractions.

  • Can you buy beer in Gatlinburg?
  • Can you drink in Gatlinburg?
  • Does Gatlinburg sell alcohol anywhere?

Can You Buy Beer in Gatlinburg TN?

buy beer in gatlinburg

Many folks like to enjoy a good local draft or craft beer when they vacation. But if Gatlinburg is in a dry county, that might prove to be a problem. So, where can you buy beer in Gatlinburg?

Gatlinburg has the main package store in the county where you can purchase beer. Restaurants serve beer as well, and you may find some beer at local stores like grocers and convenience stores.

And for that local beer experience, you’ll find a nice craft beer available at the breweries and pubs in the area, including Smoky Mountain Brewery in Gatlinburg, Gatlinburg Brewing Company, and Ole Red.

Can You Drink in Gatlinburg TN?

drink in gatlinburg

Since you can purchase beer and liquor at various locations, it’s safe to say it is legal to drink in Gatlinburg. If you purchase something from a store, you may bring it to your hotel and enjoy it.

However, you must observe any local laws regarding alcohol (such as no alcohol in parks or other public areas, etc.). Be sure to check signage any place before opening a bottle.

Does Gatlinburg Sell Alcohol?

So, the big question is does Gatlinburg sell liquor? The answer is yes, in some locations.

For a bottle to bring home, grab something from the Gatlinburg Package Store. For a drink while you’re out and about, try restaurants.

Be sure to check menus before you head over, though, as not all restaurants are going to have liquor and beer on the menu.


A few FAQs to help answer your questions about alcohol in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Is Gatlinburg a dry town?

While Sevier County is technically a dry county, Gatlinburg itself is not a dry city. You may purchase and consume alcohol anywhere it is not restricted. There should be a notice of such restrictions.

Can you buy alcohol in Dollywood?

Dollywood is in Pigeon Forge, which is a dry town. Dollywood does not serve alcohol.

Can you consume alcohol in public in Tennessee?

Local ordinances prohibit open containers in vehicles (specifically for drivers), some parks, and other public places. You’re safer to assume no open containers in vehicles and check signs in public spaces before cracking one open.

Is Gatlinburg a Dry County – Conclusion

Sevier County Tennessee is technically a dry county, but cities are given the freedom to make their own ordinance regarding the laws. Gatlinburg itself is not dry, but Pigeon Forge is and Sevierville is partially dry.

Before you grab a cold one, be sure to:

  • Check signage in any public areas
  • Avoid open containers in your vehicle
  • Know that Pigeon Forge is dry (you won’t find any beer at Dollywood!)