Where Is Dollywood Located?

Dollywood is an award-winning amusement park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, at the foothills of the scenic Great Smoky Mountains.

It’s approximately 35 miles (56.33 km) southeast of Knoxville and the most-visited amusement park in Tennessee, thanks to its numerous family-friendly attractions. Dolly Parton, an American singer, and Herschend Family Entertainment jointly own the park.

Dollywood spans over 150 acres of land, brimming with all fun adventures, including world-renowned theme park rides, live stage shows, water attractions, eateries, and more.

It’s one of the USA’s largest and most popular theme parks, attracting over three million visitors annually.

Is Dollywood Open All Year?

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Dollywood is open from mid or late March to early January. To get the exact dates, view their schedule, including their opening dates, hours, festivals, predicted crowd levels, least busy days, and new events. Often the closing day is around the 1st of January.

Visiting Dollywood the first few days after opening might be an excellent opportunity to see the country legend, Dolly Parton. She oversees the annual opening, and when she’s around, there’s always amusement in the air, everyone wishing to set their eyes on her.

Dolly Parton also visits the park during other festivals for live performances.

Is Dollywood in Gatlinburg?

is dollywood in gatlinburg
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Dollywood isn’t in Gatlinburg. Dollywood is about 10 miles from Gatlinburg via US Route 321. When in Gatlinburg, drive to the park or catch a trolley heading to Pigeon Fork.

From Pigeon Fork, hire a taxi or board a local trolley to Dollywood. The distance from Pigeon Fork to the park is 2.4 miles (5 minutes) via Veterans Blvd.

Boarding trolleys from Gatlinburg to Dollywood is much cheaper than driving or hiring a taxi. A local trolley from Pigeon Forge to Dollywood costs around 50 cents.

You may opt to stop at Patriot Park near the Old Mill Restaurant for food and refreshments before heading to Dollywood.

Is Dollywood Close to Nashville?

is dollywood close to nashville
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Dollywood isn’t close to Nashville. Driving from Dollywood to Nashville is about 216 miles (4-5 hours) via road. However, you can fly to Knoxville and take a taxi around 35 miles to Dollywood.

How long you spend on the road depends on the traffic and whether you’re in a taxi, shuttle, or driving your car.

When driving from Nashville, you can head directly to the park or spend three to four days soaking up various attractions in Sevierville, Gatlinburg, and Pigeon Forge.

One of the nearest attractions to explore is the Smoky Mountains National Park.

How Many Rides Does Dollywood Have?

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Dollywood has over 50 world-class rides around the park’s 150-plus acres. Before heading to Dollywood, adrenaline seekers should explore their map to identify the best rides. The park features some scariest rides, including roller coasters and water rides.

If you prefer terrifying rides, try the Lightning Rod, Mystery Mine, Thunderhead, Wild Eagle, Tennessee Tornado, and Daredevil Falls.

For family-friendly rides, you can try the FireChaser Express, Lemon Twist, Amazing Flying Elephants, Smoky Mountain River Rampage, and Lucky Ducky.

How Many Days Do You Need in Dollywood?

The days you spend in Dollywood depend on the attractions you want to explore and the time of your visit.

A one-day visit will only allow you to enjoy limited attractions. Ensure to arrive early to enjoy the top rides before the place flocks with visitors and long lines.

If you wish to soak up the best attractions in the park, spend more than one day. The park is usually crowded during peak seasons, and you might need more than one day to ride on your favorite roller coasters.

Is Dollywood Worth the Money?

is dollywood worth the money
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Dollywood is worth the money. Visiting Dollywood can be a great way to spend your vacation with family and friends.

Paying the entrance fee allows you to explore your favorite rides/museums and watch various performances. You can also tour the park and enjoy shopping, dining, birdwatching, and bus tours.

So, Where Is Dollywood Located Then?

If you are trying to figure out “where Is Dollywood located?”, the quick answer is in Pigeon Forge, TN. Yet, there are benefits in visiting surrounding locations with lots to do in both Gatlinburg and Sevierville–it is worthwhile if you have the time to plan multiple activities around your trip to Dollywood.

When visiting Tennessee, Dollywood is a must-visit amusement park. Families on vacation can spend a couple of days in the park to experience what the country legend Dolly Parton has in store for them. Located at the Great Smoky Mountains entrance, expect to explore a picturesque landscape.

Whether you’re visiting the park alone, with family or friends, Dollywood has something for you. You can ride on the scariest rides, go on tours, explore the museum, attend shows and dine in world-class eateries.

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